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For small scientific projects like this it is always difficult to find some funding. And here it is time to speak about economic sustainability.

Economic sustainability is the use of various strategies for employing existing resources optimally so that that a responsible and beneficial balance can be achieved over the longer term. Within a business context, economic sustainability involves using the assorted assets of the company efficiently to allow it to continue functioning profitability over time.

Palm with a plant growng from pile of coins

So, here it is easy to find overlapping with social and psychological aspects. To start this project there is no need to hire experts to do certain tasks. All is achieved by people who are involved voluntarily, because of some factors discussed in the previous article. And based on the definition given above, by “assorted assets” we may understand all motivated people. So, be creating good and efficient product which would keep them motivated we can create a sustainable system, which doesn’t need any further money income. This system will continue functioning i the future.

As a conclusion,  I might say that making more investigation about sustainability pillars in a perspective of GWP and crowdsourcing since helped me to built a plan of sustainable development for this project. It is certainly achievable and it would cover different aspects of sustainability. These topics are nice examples of overlapping and connections between all perspectives.